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Lesson 2 - Water Skills


This lesson will be taught at a local lake, the exact location will be determined the night before or the day of the lesson as it is dependent on the wind direction. Lesson duration is about 3 hours.

Lesson 1 is not a pre-requisite for the water lesson, but because flying skills represent 75% of the skills required to get riding, we highly recommend you take it. This will get you further along and give you more time to practice the water based skills during lesson 2.

What will you learn:

  • Items described in lesson 1 or a quick review if you took lesson 1.
  • Site conditions and weather considerations. (picking a spot to ride)
  • Water and/or land launching.
  • Body dragging (kite control and making power)
  • Body drag up wind (board retrieval)
  • Safety release and packing the kite up safely
  • Waterstarts. (getting up on the board)
*Kites, harnesses, boards will be provided. We have most sizes of booties and wetsuits.

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