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High Tech Rip 35rs "new"

High Tech Rip 35rs "new"


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High Tech Line - RIP 35rs  135 X 42    10-34 knots

The brandnew 2010 High Tech rs RIP´s come with trendy colored graphics and have all shape details like the High Tech Line Boards. The HT-rs boards have a little stiffer flex compare to the HT-RIP´s and a little wider outline at the tips for more pop at loaded jumps. The perfect toy for making tricks. The channel at the bottom side helps landing the board after complex maneuvers. The more narrow tips give you more control and more balance. There´s no spray water anymore because of this new outline. Every High Tech RIP rs is now equipped with a four stance option to setup your board 100% personally. The reduced weight of the 2010 boards in comparsion to 2009 models needs less energy for riding and jumping 

full 3-D-shape + full suspension tips

The HT-Boards have a Full 3D-Shape that combined, with the by Spleene developed Full Suspension Tips provides maximum Flex where it is needed, on the tips around the fin-area. The results are improved suspension characteristics and better shock absorption, which lead to more control and ride-comfort.

Jet bottom Technology

This Shape-Detail describes a Channel on the underside of the Board. It allows the board to plane more freely and earlier. Compared to a simple concave the Jet Bottom provides significantly more “edge bite” as it channels the waterflow along its edges. Even in choppy conditions the difference is very noticeable.

advanced waterflow release
The new Tip Outline (concave curve in the Tip-Area) allows for a much better water release, which in turn produces significantly less drag. We improved this detail at the new outline of the 2010 boards.

Full woodcore “Paulownia-Wood“
We are really proud to reduce the weight of the 2010models in comparsion to the ’09 Spleene Boards which were already superlight.This ultralight weight is immediately noticeable and provides them with much better acceleration and a more dynamic take-off. The new 2010 boards are now up to 350 g lighter, which improves their overall rideperformance, provides a more direct feel and better control in overpowered conditions.

Conkave Outline
Enables the board to ride at an extreme angle to the wind.

Progressive Scoop-Rocker Line
For early planing and planing through lulls.

Flat Scoop-Rocker Line at Doors
For ultimate manoeuvrability and early planing ability

for better grip (when carrying or for board-offs)




NNT: needle nose tip The outline of the 2010 boards is much more narrow compare to the 2009 models. You get more speed and more control. While jumping you can push the board better into the water with less power so you get more tension on your lines. The effect is a much higher jump.  

SAR: spray anticipating rail There´s no spray water anymore because of the more narrow outline 

FSO: four stance option All 2010 boards have a four stance option, so you can setup your board 100% personally. 

DFC: dynamic flex control We have tested our 2010 boards many many times to setup the flex. The layers of the fibreglass are seperated in zones and decreasing towards the tips. With that construction we can control the flex really precise. You don´t have burning legs or hurting ankles even after long sessions.   

ULC: ultra lightweight construction We are really proud to reduce the weight of very light 2009 boards at our new models. We achieved that by special woodcores . The weight of a 2010 High Tech RIP 34 (134 x 39,5cm) is only 2180 gramms!!!






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