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Fun Tech Session 42 "new"

Fun Tech Session 42 "new"


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 Fun Tech Line - Session 42   142 X 42    


Ø  3-D-Shape + Full Suspension Tips

The price-orientated boards of the Fun Tech Line are the perfect Freeride boards. Even here the Full Suspension Tips and a Semi 3D-Shape are utilized which together with the Soft-Rails provide a generally softer ride feel than the HT-Boards.


Ø  Full-Wood-Core made from “Paulownia-Wood“

The lower weight of the ’09 Spleene Boards is immediately noticeable and provides them with much better acceleration and a more dynamic take-off. This improves their overall ride-performance, provides a more direct feel and better control in overpowered conditions.


Ø  Progressive Scoop-Rocker Line for ultimate manoeuvrability and early planing ability.


Ø  Concave Outline enables the board to ride at an extreme angle to the wind.


Ø  Soft edges - The Fun-Tech-Rails have a soft shape. These “softer rails” make the board more forgiving to ride and corrects the riders mistakes.






Ø  G10 Fins: 4 x 4,0 cm; dyed G10 Material

Ø  Fun Tech Pad: Super soft 3D-Injection-Moulded-Pad

Ø  Fun Tech Strap (Velcro-Adjustment)

Ø  Grab-handle




The Session covers the middle windrange and thanks to its concave outline rides at an extreme angle to the wind. It is the link between the RIPs, for more wind and the Doors for extremely light winds. Because of its short overall length it remains very manoeuvrable. The new Rocker-line makes all of the new boards feel even smaller under foot.































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