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Fun Tech Rip 33 "new"

Fun Tech Rip 33 "new"


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  Fun Tech Line - RIP   133 X 40    10-35 knots


Ø  3-D-Shape + Full Suspension Tips

The price-orientated boards of the Fun Tech Line are the perfect Freeride boards. Even here the Full Suspension Tips and a Semi 3D-Shape are utilized which together with the Soft-Rails provide a generally softer ride feel than the HT-Boards.


Ø  Full-Wood-Core made from “Paulownia-Wood“

The lower weight of the ’09 Spleene Boards is immediately noticeable and provides them with much better acceleration and a more dynamic take-off. This improves their overall ride-performance, provides a more direct feel and better control in overpowered conditions.


Ø  Classic Convex Outline makes the board more manoeuvrable than a concave outline.


Ø  Soft Edges - The Fun-Tech-Rails have a soft shape. These “softer rails” make the board more forgiving to ride and corrects the riders mistakes.






Ø  G10 Fins 4 x 4,7 cm; dyed G10 Material

Ø  Fun Tech Pad: Super soft 3D-Injection-Moulded-Pad

Ø  Fun Tech Strap (Velcro-Adjustment)

Ø  Grab-handle




The RIP 33 is the most radical board in the FT-Line and covers the middle to upper windrange.

The RIP 36 is most suited to the middle wind strengths and can also be used as a “One Board Quiver”.

The quality of workmanship on the FT-Line is as high as on the HT-Line.

At Spleene we don’t cut corners to achieve our goals.

















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