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Flyradica4 L "new"

Flyradica4 L "new"


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// Radical4

The Radical4 lives up to its name. Even sportier than its predecessor, the Radical4 is available on the market in four sizes. The Flyboards-Development team surrounding Andreas Hanrieder and Eddy Lansink did an excellent job, optimizing the Radical4 in practically all regards. The first priority was the switch in production center from Asia to Europe, which led to a higher quality of workmanship. Once this was implemented, a stronger differentiation of the range could be undertaken, whereby each board was tuned individually to riding weight and range of use.

1. New combination of wood-foam core

New combination of wood-foam core

All Radical4s have a hybrid core, aimed at achieving a maximum harmony of board weight, performance and durability. A foam core is implemented on the toe side lengthwise, providing a significant reduction in weight. In size M, the Radical4 weighs 2,3 kg, bringing 20% less to the scale than its predecessor. The new production process also plays a considerable role, whereby a higher pressure is used in the molding press of the resin content with simultaneous increase of glass fiber content, responsible for the flex properties and durability. On the side with more load, the heel side, a robust wood core has been implemented, guaranteeing break stability and the dynamic recovery force of the board.

2. Torsion Fibre Layers

The innovative assembly of a unidirectional woven layer lengthwise and an additional diagonal layer (torsion layer) at a 45-degree-angle achieves considerably more recovery force, which is reflected in the increased jump performance. Still, the flex of the board is tuned so harmoniously that comfort and smooth ride are not negatively influenced.

Torsion layer at 45°
Torsion layer at 45°
Unidirectional woven layer
Unidirectional woven layer

3. Heelside Channel

The deep Heelside Channel provides good grip and makes it possible to set the edge more effectively for jumping.

4. Tucked-under Edge

The „Tucked-Under“ Edge has been cut off at a 45-degree-angle, as surfboards have been traditionally manufactured. This makes the board well-controllable, even in choppy conditions.

5. Grabrails

The additional Grabrails are absolutely soft, but still offer the best control for board-offs or one-footers. Thus, holding the board has become much easier. The Grabrails can easily be glued to the deck.

6. Straps and Pads

The Radical4 has an easy-adjustable velcro footstrap system on it. These footstraps have a perfect and comfortable fit and offer optimal foothold. The enormous adjustment range goes from shoe size 38 (barefoot) to shoe size 48 (with neoprene boots).

On special request the Radical4 can be ordered optionally with the lace footstrap system. This footstrap system enables you to make footstrap adjustments on the fly when riding.


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